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Hello dobermann lover!

Our kennel is engaged in breeding Dobermans. The official name of the kennel is LAZODOBI. It consists of LAZO (stands for family Lazovič) + DOBI (one of Doberman’s lovely names).


We have currently six Dobermans at home - five females and one male. All the dogs live with us in the house. We have the opinion that the Doberman is a housedog that needs closeness to humans. We go with all our dogs to beauty-exhibition and we also train them for exams. We are also incurring new owners of our puppies to do that. However, this is not obligatory. For us is most important that the dog is in good hands - we favour breed Kenner that will accept the puppy as a new family member. On average we have one or two litters per year, for which we accept reservations throughout the year. We are also very proud of our sire Ito, which has already become a dad four times.



Doberman is a breed that is suitable for active people. Owners may be older people or youth, but they must be aware of the responsibilities of ownership of this breed. Even with the children captures Doberman perfectly. In particular needs he a lot of attention! In view of care are they very undemanding - they do not need frequent brushing, it is only necessary only to bathe them several times a year. They are very interested in water, so the assignment is not difficult. This is a dog that wants to be constant near the human. If he is free in the house, he will follow the owner the whole day and watch him at work. But he loves moving in the nature. Especially if something happens - like trainings for the exams. All of our dogs and most of our breeding dogs are attending the exercises - at first for B-BH, then IPO 1 and then followed by IPO 2 (for 3 IPO wasn’t time yet). In addition to work, most of the new owners want to attend beauty exhibitions. We can say that there wasn’t a CAC or CACIB show in Slovenia in the last few years in which you would not meet some "Lazodobis". The results of the exhibitions are published regularly in the news section.



If you are fascinated by the breed then you surely know some of the following facts about its history: Doberman is the only breed which bears the name of its first breeder. It was Friedrich Louis Dobermann, who lived in the second half of the 19th century. Some historical sources say that he was the owner of the roofing business. Most historians however agree that the also dealt as the catcher of stray dogs and the tax collector. According to a legend his favourite dog was a female that was a special blend of sharp parents of the breed German shepherd and Pinscher. He mated this dog with the butchers dog which was a mixture of ancestor of todays Rottweiler and a red black Shepherd dog. Some dog experts insist that Dobermans ancestors were: the German shepherd, a shorthaired hunting dog, the German Pinscher and the blue Great Dane. In any case Friedrich created its own breed, whose representatives are not only very carring and attentive guards, but are distinguished primarily by their desire to work and learn. During this they attach to their owners very much. Dobermans were in the past often used as guard dogs, hunting dogs and police dogs. Today Doberman belongs to the working breeds and is in the second FCI group.


Doberman has wrongly a bad reputation, because he is in no way evil or aggressive. He is very vibrant, rapidly trainable and attention needing best mans four-legged friend. Those representatives of the breeds that are aggressive towards people or other dogs, have learned this behaviour. No matter which breed we look at – a small Terrier or a large Great Dane – it is true, that the dog turns out just the way his owner made him!!!